Are you looking for a special gift?

Why don’t you surprise your friends and loved ones with an experience they will enjoy and remember with an Individual or Group Coaching with Horses Session Voucher? It will be a unique adventure they will never forget.Working with horses can be a transformative experience. Horses see things differently than we do. They challenge us to undertake the journey of mastering ourselves rather than everything around us.

Coaching with Horses is the first program of its kind utilizing the client-centered, solution-oriented, evidence-driven EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) method in the Czech Republic.

During the Well-Being with Horses in Nature sessions or Group Coaching with a Horse-guided sessions, which take place in a safe environment, there is no riding involved, you will gain a greater understanding of how your thoughts and behaviors impact your trust and confidence process.

Your friends will love this unique gift!

How to Purchase

To purchase the voucher, please send an email to or call Karin @ +420 603 572 469.

Then your friends will receive an email (on the day you decide) and you can even print out a Gift Card .

PS: Of course, you can also give this gift to yourself!

Well-Being with Horses in Nature Voucher

Well-Being with Horses sessions offer an opportunity to connect – or re-connect – with yourself, in nature, in the company of beautiful animals. Their innate senses make them perfect partners to help you reflect on how you approach life and face the unknown, guiding you to a calmer and more connected emotional state.

During the 90-minute session,  you will spend a peaceful time with horses, in a quiet, natural setting. You will learn and practice some simple mindfulness exercises, and the horses will provide instant feedback to help you leverage your inner resources and improve your overall well-being.

Location: Trebonice
Dates: 6/6 – 21/6 – 4/7 – 19/7 – 1/8
Who: Individuals
Focus: Respect, Trust, Confidence, Communication, Happiness
Cost: 500 czk per person

Group Coaching with Horses Voucher

During the two-hour workshop, guided by a team of a professional coach, certified therapist and horse specialist, participants are led through a series of simple exercises which are then followed by more complex exercises, based on each participant’s level of comfort. Throughout the whole session, the horses are mirroring the communication and leadership style of the participants allowing them to assess, in real-time, the impact of their actions and behaviors, as well as giving them the opportunity to make the necessary improvements.

The 120-min group coaching session includes a mindful preparation as well as the final debriefing.

Location: TBA
Dates: TBA
Who: Group of 3 to 9 participants
Focus: TBA
Cost: 2500 czk per person