Well-Being with Horses in Nature

Well-Being with Horses sessions offers an opportunity to connect – or re-connect – with yourself, in nature, in the company of beautiful animals. Their innate senses make them perfect partners to help you reflect on how you approach life and face the unknown, guiding you to a calmer and more connected emotional state.

  • You will spend a meaningful & peaceful time with horses, sheep and bees in a quiet, beautiful surrounding.
  • You will learn and practice some simple mindfulness exercises, and the horses will provide instant feedback to help you leverage your inner resources and improve your overall well-being.

  • All interaction with the horses takes place on the ground – there is no riding involved, and no prior horse knowledge is required.

Horses are social animals, with a strong desire to be in unity and harmony with nature. They are always fully present and have an incredible ability to respond immediately to your emotional state. In a way similar to bio-feedback, but with no need for wires and dials, a horse will let you know if you are feeling distressed, or if you are calm and at peace in the moment.

Coaching with Horses
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What Coaching with Horses Offers

  1. An experiential (hands-on) coaching experience involving horses as coach partners and teachers to learn more about yourselves and others and to develop your self-awareness.
  2. A unique opportunity to explore a diverse range of personal and professional issues in a creative and inspirational way, encouraging the development of verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

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