Video Testimonials

Frederic, Sonny, Zuzana & Lucie

Summer 2018

I was surprised to see how true and authentic the bond with the horse might be. It revealed my issues very quickly, made me vulnerable, but in the end, it was a soothing experience that helped me feel calmer and more conscious about things I need to face. Karin and Veronika were both amazing, patient and respectful. I left the session with actionable advice on how to help myself when a difficult situation occurs, which made the coaching even more valuable.
Summer 2021
I enjoyed the authenticity in interaction with the horse, mirroring (in both senses), trust/respect in reactions, amazing experience!
Lucie Navarova, Founder at HOLD UP Nadační fond
Fall 2020
I really liked the atmosphere, which was open, welcoming, honest and made me feel really safe while discussing what we felt, thought and observed. As for connection and cooperation, I learned that cooperation is not easy when you do not have a proper connection. And that maintaining the connection is crucial and not at all guaranteed per se.
Eva Zackova, Researcher in Humanities and Technology
Fall 2020
I want to express my gratitude for yesterday's event with you. I had time to reflect in the evening on what I have experienced. For me, it was soul-nourishing. Among many other moments, one specifically stood up, and that was the clear intention of leading the horse via an invisible lounge around the arena. It was very connecting for me and empowering. I no longer needed to be in control nor dominate.
Jan Palencar, Agile Coach
Summer 2020
Looking for improving your communication and leadership skills? Try horse coaching with Karin. Eyes opening experience which will last long and have a true impact! Thank you, Karin!
Barbora Dubanska, Attorney at Law
Summer 2019
This workshop was beyond my expectation. Many ‘Aha moments’ helped me to understand myself better. I finally understand the power of the mind and the importance of being assertive. I highly recommend this workshop with Karin and Jana – they both planned and ran this workshop with the utmost professionalism.
Hany-Huong Thanh Duong, Actress
Spring 2018
I really liked the connection with the horse, the explanation of the relationship of horses as our partners and the process of trying to convince the horse to move. That proved to be a good self-reflection which kept me busy thinking about my leadership skills and the need for improvement. This was the best eye-opening leadership experience I have had! Thank you Karin and Jana, I appreciate the effort and experience with which you lead the event.
Pavel Cizner, Digital Transformation Expert
Spring 2018
I have always found horses impressive; I was keen on participating in this workshop in order to establish a contact with such beings and work on my fear of horses. The set-up was very safe, to this end. On another note, the way the workshop was organized and facilitated by Jana and Karin helped raising very fast my awareness on some patterns and behaviours. I was then able to correct these and put into practice some alternatives on the spot…and it worked! I am looking forward to the next session! Thank you Karin and Jana!
Frederic Rotrou, New Pricing and Invoice Implementation Manager, CEE
Spring 2018
Sometimes is better to stop yourself and well think about the next steps than to try to solve it quickly but not so effective. If you want your colleagues to accept your solution, you have to be sure and convinced of your solution on hundred percent.
Jaroslav N., Claim Manager
Spring 2018
I learned that it is important not to be afraid of task which seems to be difficult in the beginning. If something doesn´t work we must think about other ways to reach a goal. Business unusual might be the new usual. If we want to work together we must be sure that other party understands us well. Cooperation is about trust and communication.
Vojtěch H., Product Manager
Spring 2018
Thank you so much for organizing the CoachinWithHorses activity for my team. It was a truly unforgettable experience for all of us. All my managers spoke very highly about this unique learning opportunity. Everybody came back with long lasting memories and many take-aways and “food for thought” to our daily leadership roles. I can confirm we all realized how influential one's behavior can be and what impact it may have on others. We all agreed there was no better way how to project this than during the exercise with the horses. The achievements we had with our horses were not only surprising but most of all very educational and eye opening. The majority of my colleagues (including myself) have never been even close to a horse but we all left very proud of ourselves, including those who already had some experience with horses in the past. It was simply an amazing learning experience we will remember for the rest of our lives. Finally I must thank you for your professionalism in preparing our activity to every detail and most importantly for ensuring the highest possible level of safety throughout the entire exercise. Within our company safety of our associates comes first and therefore I am grateful for the level of attention you paid to making sure everybody was safe. I would definitely like to conduct another exercise later in the year or in the beginning of next and will recommend your “CoachingWithHorses” to my counterparts and business partners. Let me wish you all the very best with this unique coaching activity!
Martin Zidek, GM
Spring 2017
I enjoyed the session with the horses. Mainly I had fun. I think your program provides participants with worthwhile insights. By interacting with horses, we learn who we are and how to make the most of our abilities. We also get a painless look at our weaknesses.
Maggie Lawson, Writer
Summer 2017
One of the most unique development workshops I have ever participated in. The 2 hours were worth every second.
Lukas P., CEO at Nulisek
Summer 2017
I liked the interaction and proximity of horses in connection with a small group. Having the opportunity to discuss issues openly and honestly without any prejudice was contributing to already very relaxed atmosphere in the farm’s surrounding.
Michal O., Strategy Specialist
Summer 2017
Coaching with the horses is great and very easy way how to better understand yourself and your behavior. Personally, I enjoy the practice of use of our own energy and learn how to regulate it.
Petr D., Lawyer
Summer 2017
Great unexpected experience of searching for the inner power by natural and instinctive way. I can only recommend this Coaching.
Alena Machatova, Senior Product Manager
Fall 2017
We all have a great sense to understand each other beyond the verbal communication. This experience shows immediately how this works with each of us.
Jeno S., General Manager
Fall 2017
Finally I have got over my fear of horses. This workshop was an interesting and unusual training with surprising benefit!
Marie K., Business Development Manager
Spring 2018
This workshop with the horses was a good example that if you something want, you have to go for it. Horses has behavior similar like human. Cooperation, trust and communication in team is important.
Jan S., Product Manager
Spring 2018
Coaching with Horses will be of great benefit to those who want to understand the importance of people management and leadership. Doesn’t matter which industry you practice, this session will help everyone!
Jan Zavazal, Revenue Analyst
Spring 2018
Things are not always as bad as it may looks for the first sight. Even if you are afraid at the beginning when doing something for the first time, it does not mean that you are not able to do it. So head up and try.
Maria G., Purchasing Manager
Spring 2018
Thank you so much for amazing experience during your and Jana’s coaching afternoon. I have never been around horses before and I did not know what to expect. But you made it easy, fun, joyful and when I did think about it backwards, I did learn a lot. From my side was very interesting exercise with not much, or too much pressure. Which when I did think about it backwards, this gave me a lot regarding managing my team and pushing them sometimes too much.
Michal, F&B Manager
Spring 2017
Honestly, before attending Coaching with Horses I did not know what to expect, we did not get much information but I enjoyed it very much! Activity was well explained and was easy to follow. It was my first time with horses though. Thanks very much.
Rado, Chief Engineer
Spring 2017
Did not have any experience with horses before. Enjoyed 1st interaction with this intuitive animal. Helped to practice finding internal focus (in a present moment – here & now) on the objective set for myself or others, i.e. practicing focus and dedication.
Ivan Vlasyuk, Business Analyst
Summer 2017
I really appreciate the feedback after every exercise – I saw the opinions of participants and also points of view from Karin and Jana very helpful in understanding of what was actually happening.
Janka K., Lawyer
Summer 2017
The training gives a unique opportunity to appreciate what constitutes successful communication, how important it is to be consequential & persistent and that not all rules are always cast in stone & one must be able to slightly adapt the rules (judging its intensity carefully) to achieve results.
Petr Smejcky, Business Manager/Consultant
Summer 2017
You might be able to fool a friend or co-worker to believing that you have decided for something; but you cannot fool a horse. Horses can give you necessary self-insight to make a change in the way you communicate.
Daniel B., Student in Psychology
Fall 2017
Coaching with horse program is a unique opportunity to realize small important things which has a big influence on our daily life.
Marketa Zikova, Executive Assistant at Unibail-Rodamco
Fall 2017
Very useful experience for your daily attitude at working with people as well as working as a team member.
Martin Melín, Sales Director
Fall 2017