For years horse trainers have sought new ways to tap into the ability to use the human body, and how our often neglected power of intent to explain to the horse what we want, as well as receive and understand his answer. Combining decades of coaching and therapeutic practice, Karin & Jana have used various areas of study, seemingly unrelated to horses and riding, to gain new insight as to how to achieve a soft, fluid connection with our equine partners. They have developed a powerful, compassionate, and effective model of horse assisted training programs to help you on your journey to self-development.

Coaching with Horses Training Programs

Training Programs for Team Work

Team Work

  • Establishing hierarchy
  • Joining and belonging to a group
  • Finding your position inside a group
  • Creating and improving group cohesion
  • Identifying common objectives
  • Communicating within the team
  • Creating, developing and implementing a strategy

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Training Programs for Leadership


  • Identifying and communicating the goals
  • Delegating
  • Leading versus controlling a group
  • Power and influence

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Training Programs for Communication


  • Negotiating
  • Persuading
  • Learning to say NO
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Giving & receiving feedback

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Training Programs for Emotions


  • Identifying emotions
  • Managing emotions
  • Communicating in a stressful situation
  • Persuading in a stressful situation
  • Managing stress, yours and others

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