“The only journey is the one within.” —Rainer Maria Rilke

Coaching with Horses invites you to an unforgettable self-discovery journey.

Combining decades of coaching, therapy and riding experience, Karin Genton-L’Epée and Jana Zajicova have developed a unique training method involving horses as partners and teachers.

Working with Horses

Horses are no longer just for transportation, sports or companionship. They are teachers and powerful personal development partners. Horses are the perfect coaches. Their direct and non-judgmental feedback allows participants to identify unproductive patterns, connect with strengths, and create change in the moment.

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Training Objectives & Outcomes

Coaching with Horses offers a unique opportunity to explore a diverse range of personal and professional issues in a creative, inspirational way, encouraging the development of verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

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Training Programs

Coaching with Horses offers an experiential (hands-on) coaching experience involving horses as coach partners and teachers to learn more about ourselves and others and to develop our self-awareness. Our training programs include Team Work, Communication, Leadership, & Emotions.

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Horses & Venue

The horses live in the beautiful Michael Farma amid the scenic countryside near Prague. These horses are part of the training team and not “business tools”.

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“Thank you so much for an amazing experience during your and Jana’s coaching afternoon. I have never been around horses before and I did not know what to expect. But you made it easy, fun, joyful and when I did think about it backwards, I did learn a lot. …” –Michal F&B manager.

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